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They expect a fairly easy conquest given the locals' lack of sophistication. Their probe mission, just eight hundred local years ago— certainly nowhere near enough time to advance technologically at all —found sword-swinging savages riding on animals. Then, to their discomfort, they discover that the planet is emitting radio transmissions. Arriving late in the local year , they find the primitive industrial civilization of the Tosevites confusing, implausible, and an affront to the Race's rigid doctrines.

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Worse, if the Tosevites have advanced that much, it throws the certainty of the conquest in doubt. However, Fleetlord Atvar decides he could go down in history as one of three leaders to conquer an alien world, or the first to turn tail and flee without even having tasted combat. They go ahead with the conquest exactly as planned.

They land squarely in the middle of World War II , to the absolute confusion of everyone involved. Through the eyes of Loads and Loads of Characters , of all nationalities, human and alien, we read about the humans desperately trying to survive, and the aliens desperately trying to win.

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The Race is forced to become more like humans, making hasty decisions and breaking protocol. It also turns out that ginger the spice is a powerful and highly addictive narcotic for the Race, which further strains their normal way of life. This takes up the four books of the Balance series the original Worldwar series and ends with a stalemate and truce between the Race and the human governments that managed to resist their invasion the USA, the Greater German Reich , the Soviet Union , the United Kingdom and Imperial Japan. Next comes Colonization , a trilogy that picks up twenty years after the end of Worldwar.

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The Race's colonization fleet arrives on Earth expecting a subdued planet, only to find that barely more than half the planet's surface is under the control of the Race. This creates intense friction between the troops of the invasion fleet, who have been significantly changed by their interaction with humans, and the much more conservative and strait-laced colonists.

Even more tension comes from the just-short-of-shots-fired relationships between the surviving human powers: They are united in opposition towards the Race, threatening nuclear war in defense of an almost-enemy if the Race makes any aggressive moves, but all of the major human states are hostile towards each other, and are often trying to manipulate or cast blame on each other. Making matters worse for the Race, it is discovered that on top of its narcotic effects to the Race, ginger causes females to go into estrus out of season, something undiscovered by the all-male conquest fleet.

This has devastating effects on the Race's mating cycles, and introduces them to some totally alien concepts like sex for pleasure, prostitution, and monogamy. Not in United States?

What If - Two Pivotal Moments of World War 1 I THE GREAT WAR Week 99

Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. With awesome technology, the aggressors swept across the planet, sowing destruction as Tokyo, Berlin, and Washington, D.

Russia, Nazi Germany, Japan and the U. With cunning and incredible daring, they pressed every advantage against the invader's superior strength, and, led by Stalin, began to detonate their own atom bombs in retaliation. City after city explodes in radioactive firestorms, and fears grow as the worldwide resources disappear; will there be any world left for the invaders to conquer, or for the uneasy allies to defend?

While Mao Tse-tung wages a desperate guerrilla war and Hitler drives his country toward self-destruction, United States forces frantically try to stop the enemy's push from coast to coast.

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Yet in this battle to stave off world domination, unless the once-great military powers take the risk of annihilating the human race, they'll risk losing the war. The fatal, final deadline arrives in Harry Turtledove's grand, smashing finale to the Worldwar series, as uneasy allies desperately seek a way out of a no-win, no-survival situation: a way to live free in a world that may soon be bombed into atomic oblivion.

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