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“Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On”

Respect on the other hand had the opposite effect. An example of this was recorded by writer Robert Evans Wilson, the story reads:. Rather than call a paddy wagon, Johnson walked the man ten blocks across town to his precinct. The suspect accompanied him peacefully. As they walked, they smoked cigarettes and talked amiably. When they arrived at the station, Johnson learned that his arrestee was a wanted criminal with a history of attacking police officers. Respect in this story was a key factor because it helped the man under arrest feel safe and secure. The opposite of fearful. In no way did he feel targeted, or like he was being attacked like in the news today.

Loss, Loss, Loss. When I thought of murders Some of the most looked to religious figures of all time for their devout faith, and close relationship with God were murders. Moses, was a murder himself, hence the reason he did not enter the promised land with the Israelites. Exodus The same can be said for people in prison today. Many of which are working to educate children and set them up for a life of success and are working towards equality for people inside and outside prisons.

Bryan Stevenson , author of the best seller Just Mercy, was never behind bars, but works closely with those who are. As a lawyer in the United State, Stevenson has helped release wrongly condemned prisoners from death row. Having the chance to hear one of his lectures on my college campus I was moved by the power that empathy and working side by side with the poor and those in our cities and neighborhoods, not just people on the other side of the world. Being proximate, or becoming charitable towards others, is a huge concept discussed in religion.

Going back a bit, the Mosaic Law taught in the Old Testament was taught so that the children of Israel may understand the principles of justice. Under the Law of Moses was the law of retaliation, examples being: eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe, and life for a life.

However, when Christ came, to fulfill the Mosaic Law Matthew —20 , he taught a new and higher law that his disciples should instead base their life on, a law of forgiveness, a law of mercy. Martin Luther King Jr. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. The End Goal. Other countries who are still in favor of the death penalty are puzzled that we, the U. My answer to this is simple. It removes the distributors, and the people who voted this procedure into place, from feeling like a guilty party. Think about a individual in hospice care looks an awful lot like a man on death row.

White room, lying in a sheet, surrounded by monitors and loved one. The same can be said for the firing squad method. So, in these scenarios who do we ultimately consider the guilty party, or who do we consider the murderers?

Fiction: “Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On” – Constellary Tales

The person being executed, the one performing the execution, or the one who voted the process into place? Does the displacement from the action of killing someone make you or me more innocent? Is it like in war when we consider proactive killing as a form of defense? My answer to this is no.

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If we cannot stare capital punishment and accept it for what it is, the killing of others, perhaps we as a nation should not take part in it any longer. The facade is over, the curtain has been drawn, and it is time we become accountable for the knowledge we possess.

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There are problems in our own backyard that need addressing. Many wounds from previous and current injustices need healing. Let us be the example of give the people of our schools, neighborhoods, cities, and nations what they need most: just a little more faith in one another, just a little more love without conditions, and most of all, the most defining characteristic of a compassionate being, just a little more mercy.

The world is evolving for the better, so lets evolve with it. There needs to be another way to deal with crime other than fear. Become a member. In , Goebbels triumphantly broadcast news of the Katyn Forest massacre, in the course of which the Soviet secret police killed more than twenty thousand Poles.

Goebbels wanted to show footage of the mass graves, but generals overruled him. Nazi sympathizers carry on this project today, alternately denying the Holocaust and explaining it away. The magnitude of the abomination almost forbids that it be mentioned in the same breath as any other horror. Yet the Holocaust has unavoidable international dimensions—lines of influence, circles of complicity, moments of congruence. The Armenian genocide of encouraged the belief that the world community would care little about the fate of the Jews. In one Lithuanian town, a crowd cheered while a local man clubbed dozens of Jewish people to death.

He then stood atop the corpses and played the Lithuanian anthem on an accordion. German soldiers looked on, taking photographs. The mass killings by Stalin and Hitler existed in an almost symbiotic relationship, the one giving license to the other, in remorseless cycles of revenge. Reinhard Heydrich, one of the chief planners of the Holocaust, thought that, once the Soviet Union had been defeated, the Jews of Europe could be left to die in the Gulag.

The most dangerous claim made by right-wing historians during the Historikerstreit was that Nazi terror was a response to Bolshevik terror, and was therefore to some degree excusable. One can, however, keep the entire monstrous landscape in view without minimizing the culpability of perpetrators on either side. This literature is provocative in tone and, at times, tendentious, but it engages in a necessary act of self-examination, of a kind that modern Germany has exemplified.

The Nazis were not wrong to cite American precedents. Enslavement of African-Americans was written into the U. The fact remains that between and the Native population of U. He made frequent mention of the American West in the early months of the Soviet invasion. Autobahns would cut through fields of grain. The present occupants of those lands—tens of millions of them—would be starved to death. At the same time, and with no sense of contradiction, the Nazis partook of a long-standing German romanticization of Native Americans.

Jim Crow laws in the American South served as a precedent in a stricter legal sense. Whitman, however, points out that if these comparisons had been intended solely for a foreign audience they would not have been buried in hefty tomes in Fraktur type. Krieger concludes that the entire apparatus is hopelessly opaque, concealing racist aims behind contorted justifications.

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  • Why not simply say what one means? This was a major difference between American and German racism.

    American eugenicists made no secret of their racist objectives, and their views were prevalent enough that F. There are also sinister, if mostly coincidental, similarities between American and German technologies of death. In , the first execution by gas chamber took place, in Nevada. - De-Identification Software Package

    In a history of the American gas chamber, Scott Christianson states that the fumigating agent Zyklon-B, which was licensed to American Cyanamid by the German company I. Farben, was considered as a lethal agent but found to be impractical. Zyklon-B was, however, used to disinfect immigrants as they crossed the border at El Paso—a practice that did not go unnoticed by Gerhard Peters, the chemist who supplied a modified version of Zyklon-B to Auschwitz. Later, American gas chambers were outfitted with a chute down which poison pellets were dropped.

    Pouring acid down a tube is easier on the nerves, more like watering flowers. When Hitler praised American restrictions on naturalization, he had in mind the Immigration Act of , which imposed national quotas and barred most Asian people altogether. For Nazi observers, this was evidence that America was evolving in the right direction, despite its specious rhetoric about equality. The Immigration Act, too, played a facilitating role in the Holocaust, because the quotas prevented thousands of Jews, including Anne Frank and her family, from reaching America.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans died fighting Nazi Germany. Still, bigotry toward Jews persisted, even toward Holocaust survivors. When Braun was captured, in , he realized that the Soviets would become the next archenemy of the American military-industrial complex, and cannily promoted the idea of a high-tech weapons program to ward off the Bolshevik menace.

    Vanquishing the Void: A Paraplegic' Discovers New Purpose

    He was able to reconstitute most of his operation Stateside, minus the slave labor. These chilling points of contact are little more than footnotes to the history of Nazism. But they tell us rather more about modern America. Like a colored dye coursing through the bloodstream, they expose vulnerabilities in the national consciousness. The spread of white-supremacist propaganda on the Internet is the latest chapter.

    As Zeynep Tufekci recently observed , in the Times , YouTube is a superb vehicle for the circulation of such content, its algorithms guiding users toward ever more inflammatory material.

    For one thing, Hitler had more discipline. He would also have millions of citizens who acquiesce in inconceivably potent networks of corporate surveillance and control. Final Price Rs. Apply Exchange.