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I would like to see support groups for COs who can meet and talk about their days in order to vent those frustrations and perhaps alleviate some of the stress associated with this line of work. Though I feel I have it in control, it took my retiring from Corrections this past February, to realize how stressed out I was. I feel a lot better both physically and mentally. It is a demanding job that most employees get no satisfaction from. Although we realize we are protecting the public and the Inmates from each other, the smallest mistake is perceived as a major mistake.

There is no room for error but, as a human, we will error. We just try to minimalize our mistakes. There is far more criticism than gratitude shown to Corrections Professionals. Whether it be from the public or from our Employers. As a Supervisor, I had to discipline employees but, I never failed to pat them on the back when the opportunity arose.


We all do feel underappreciated. The moral is very touchy and can change in the blink of an eye. People need to remember that the occupants of a Prison are Inmates not clients. They are being punished for committing a serious crime not for skipping Sunday School. PTSD is an insidious and debilitating condition that, if not diagnosed properly, can lead to long term problems. That said, we must, as civilian law enforcers be careful with the "warrior" persona to the public.

Enough people believe that the police, and to a lesser extent, correctional officers, are becoming "militarized. We mus have warrior-like tendencies at times of course, but we are enforcers of the law, be it on the street or behind prison walls. By Kevin E. Bedore , Canadian Federal Correctional Officer. Evil has a special poison that disseminates onto all of us. It is called PTSD…. PTSD is something that you hear of a lot about these days. We are living in a violent, threatening and seemingly heartless world that seems to be getting worse, not better despite the democracy warriors have died fighting to achieve and maintain.

It impacts not only you in the years to come, but also your spouse and your kids. Dave Grossman with Loren W.

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It can strike in the aftermath of accidents, natural tragedy or in the wake of aggression as is in the case in law enforcement. The solder warrior, law enforcement warrior, common person and sadly our children all suffer from its evil. This is the generic and universally accepted standard of diagnostic for this disorder. Below is a disturbing much more specific piece of information that identifies the alarming findings of a joint study conducted involving Canadian Correctional Officers.

This helps to validate the concept of the cumulative impact of such incidents on correctional officers. It has long been established that soldiers are the elite of warriors. The law enforcement profession has honourably been extended this title of valour.

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Would you ever have imagined that the incidents of PTSD in correctional facilities are that closely related to a piece of military history that was one of the bloodiest, most horrific and notorious periods of our modern history? It opened my eyes that the correctional warrior must take these types of statistics seriously.

I have seen many a fellow officer suffer the effects of PTSD to varying degrees along my way through this career. Worse yet they deny themselves of seeking the help that they so desperately need to get better. Editor's note: Corrections. Bedore has 28 years experience in law enforcement, 23 as a Canadian Federal Correctional Officer.

The Littlest Correctional Officer

He began writing as a form of personal therapy to combat the negative effects that the correctional environment was having on him. He then realized that he had discovered something truly amazing that definitely needed to be shared with other officers facing the same challenges he had. Because of the island's small population, many of the prisoners and the staff already know each other, and men, women and youths are banged up together. However prisoners can enjoy a wide range of amenities on offer to them.

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With one guard to every prisoner, they appear to have friendly, relaxed relationships, and appear to get on well. In episode one, Andrew Fielding is on his fourth visit to the prison in Jurby.

Like all new arrivals, he will spend up to three days on the induction wing to acclimatise. Prison officer Maggie explains his case, and reflects how the Isle of Man could be perceived as tough on crime. She says: 'He's been accused of hitting his elderly mother with a rolled up Hello magazine, so yeah the Isle of Man is generally harder on all crime.

The prison's head of security Margo adds: 'The world's gone soft, it's all nicey nicey. Inmates are even allowed to date each other, with prisoners Lorraine, left, and Ian 'Goldie' Goldsmith, right, both serving their sentences in separate wings, enjoying twice-weekly visits. Inmates are seen playing pool, darts, video games, working out in the gym and ordering sweets from the tuck shop, as they joke with the prison guards, even rubbing one on the head while he searches them.

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With one guard to every prisoner, they appear to have friendly, relaxed relationships, and seem to get on well. And inmate Lorraine is not the only member of her family inside - her brother and her partner Ian 'Goldie' Goldsmith are also serving time at the jail. Lorraine and Goldie have regular visits - and he describes them as the Bonnie and Clyde of the prison. The prison's head of security Margo says: 'The world's gone soft, it's all nicey nicey. Inmates Dieter and Ross Jnr are pictured.

Some prisoners have been sentenced for crimes as minor 'robbing four pork pies and two rice crispy bars'. Prison officer Steph describes the unusual situation come visiting time. She says: 'Obviously they are both in prison and they don't get much physical contact with each other, so when the opportunity is there [to get physical] they'll try and get away with it. It's tough to maintain a relationship, any issues that crop up are probably more intense than they would be in real life.

Lorraine is seen doing her make-up ahead of the visit, while from his wing Goldie explains: 'Twice a week I see Lorraine, you want to have alone time if you know what I mean. George 'Stores' The Stores Officer keeps on top of the ever changing trends, with prisoners demanding Haribo one week, and going crazy for Snickers the next.

But sure enough, officers have to break it up before visiting time is over. Yeah, of course you do. But Goldie soon says: 'She's the love of my life', and by the next visit the pair have made up.

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Speaking about the future, Lorraine says: 'What I want to happen is me and Goldie have our own little house and be happy, and work and that and come home every night and go to gym. Prisoners of all levels have single cells and are allowed out of them for up to seven hours a day, housed in six wings which include a women's wing, an education centre, a sports hall, gardens, a gym, a 'shop', and various entertainment areas, as well as a patch where prisoners can grow vegetables. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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