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They have become more accustomed to having great power, knowledge, and freedom in the buying process. At the same time, most modern sellers remain saddled with the revenue, quota, and time-pressure burdens of our historical ancestors. And when we impose these burdens on modern buyers the experience quickly erodes along with our pipeline.

The good news is, supercharging your sales motion by circumventing the reactance trigger may be simpler than you think. That is if reactance is catalyzed by a perceived restriction of freedom and choice, then restoring that sense of choice should neutralize the negative implications of the tactic. The had their assistants randomly stop passers-by in a popular mall on a sunny spring day and ask them if they had some extra coins for bus-fare. In one set of experiments, the assistants simply asked the subjects for the money.

In a second set, the assistants made the same request but appended it with a phrase indicating that the subject was completely free to accept or refuse. The results were staggering.

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In the second instance, the rate of compliance rose to An almost 5X increase! So how can you leverage this approach in your selling motion? If the call goes well, most clients find a meeting with your executive team to be a helpful next step but we can decide on that once we get there. What I am suggesting is that we become more mindful of how our approach can inadvertently trigger a negative response in the minds of our customers, putting undue strain and tension on a relationship typically plagued by trust issues.

Chances are a small tweak to your selling motion is all it will take to ensure your customers remain engaged and aligned. Your email address will not be published.

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A data-driven approach within a broader dialogue. We can then provide our customers with insight into how and why we arrive at our recommendations. In our experience, the result is a shared understanding and readiness to move forward with trust and confidence. Deploy updated, collaborative approaches to diffuse and resolve incidents. Beyond adjustments to insurance programs, BHSI is supporting customers in their efforts to stem the severity trends.

Early, transparent intervention is key — whether managing an incident of patient harm or addressing a formal claim. CRPs can help to enhance patient safety, preserve patient-provider relationships and ensure lessons are learned to lessen the chance of and even prevent future incidents. Early engagement, clear explanations and advocating for a compassionate dialogue between providers and patients sets the stage for the most positive outcomes even if harm occurs.

CRPs can help by encouraging acknowledgement and prompt communication following an unexpected outcome. By reaching out with candor and compassion, the door remains open to early resolution including compensation where appropriate and the avoidance of protracted and costly litigation. Early, transparent intervention and communication are recognized as meaningful strategies as BHSI partners with customers during claims resolution. The trends driving severity of health care liability claims show no signs of abating.

Uncertainty around emerging issues, such as continued threat of liability related to opioid addiction, adds to the pressure of recent verdicts and settlements.

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BHSI believes there is no better time to demonstrate the strength and benefits of partnership as we tackle market turbulence together with our customers and brokers. A look at recent court decisions and how their rulings have an impact on risk management and the insurance industry. For violence against health care workers to be managed, the profession needs to stop accepting violent acts as simply being a part of the job.

The first line of defense against mental and behavioral health issues is ensuring employers have the tools to effectively address them. Understanding the five stages of behavioral health is a big step in that direction. Recently, I submitted a substantial list of movies that mention insurance agencies both real and fake. Here are some of my favorites.

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In an increasingly volatile specialty market, agents can create mutually beneficial partnerships with multi-line carriers to help enhance their competitive position in the market. Confidence among global business leaders is slipping. This despite the fact that the overall risk environment is no more threatening than it was last year. Type your search term above. Trending Stories.

Sponsored Content by BHSI Partnering Through Turbulent Times: Weathering a Difficult Insurance Market, Together Health care providers and their insurers are being tested by an unprecedented frequency of severe liability claims, but working together can strengthen any partnership. Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance www. The actual and final terms of coverage for all product lines may vary.

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