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A Game of Cat and Mouse

In each move both the mouse and the cats can move exactly one square vertically or horizontally. If the mouse is standing at the edge of the field then in its next move it can jump off the field and is saved from the cats. If in the next move one of the cats moves to the field with the mouse then there is no escape for the mouse Input In the first line of input two integers n and m are given, not exceeding , where n is the number of rows, and m - the number of columns. The second line contains a number k [k You must output k lines with answers for each test case.

The Cat & the Mice | Aesop's Fables

Other variations of depicting the story by artists' hands. The story has been authored in the end of the 14th century. Many artists have put its content into graphics. Here are two historically precious visual interpretations of Moosh o Gorbeh.

The story highlights the moral dilemma of the 'supressed' who faces the problem of his own powerlessness. The mice who fight against the domination of the cats, don't simply fail because of their weakness, smallness or fear, they lose because of the cats' 'superiority' in brutality. For the mice no alternative exists.

Cat and Mouse

When he was asked why he was yelling, he quickly responded I want to scare off my enemy. When questioned as to the reason behind his trembling, he said I am quite frightened myself Zakani is most famous for his critical approach, that he put in satirical texts such as 'Moosh-va-Gorbeh' The Mouse and the Cat , which describes the uphill battle of the weak against the 'strong'.

Any Size. Grades Jump Ropes.

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Under 10 minutes. In Cat and Mouse, jump rope skills become a matter of survival.

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This game combines jump rope and tag to keep all players moving through the rope. Resources Game Library Cat and Mouse. Development Goal To develop eye-foot coordination.