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Italian: Imperfect Tense Language Hacks

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Spanish Past Tense: Preterite vs Imperfect

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Twitter Facebook Youtube Tumblr. I fed the dog. I opened the window And it is also used for things that happened repeatedly in the past if the time frame is known. So if you say that you used to live in spain, that's imperfect. If you say that you lived in spain for 3 years, that's preterite now because you said how long. Imperfect is more mysterious :P. I think that DL has mistakenly labeled this section.

Imperfect - Spanish Grammar in Context

This section is about the "imperfect", which is a type of past. However, there is no "past imperfect" tense. There is a "past perfect" aka "pluperfect and an "imperfect' AKA "Pluscuamperfecto" , and a "simple past preterite; preterito. In addition, there is also a Preterite Perfect tense in Spanish.