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La faiblesse des acquis scientifiques. La fonction essentielle d'une revue scientifique serait, dit-on, de publier des travaux scientifiques sous la forme d'articles. Deux questions restent en effet en suspens : qu'est-ce qu'un article scientifique? The undisciplined discipline: the challenges of Pop Cultural Studies. This call for paper is for a workshop which it itself included in this year's international symposium of the AFEA Franch Association of American Studies which will happen in Nantes, France from May 22 nd to the 24th.

Communications can tackle this issue from a more theoretical standpoint, but they can also deal with more precise case studies which would illustrate how pop culture and cultural studies are both defying disciplinary classifications. Communications can be either in French or in English. Study days - Middle Ages. A MALMECC study day considering a range of themes centering around cultural transfers and scientific knowledge in papal Avignon, providing fresh understanding through interdisciplinary discussion based on a series of short position papers. Call for papers - Middle Ages.

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The aim of this panel is to explore how medieval authors have dealt with the Classical heritage within their own cultural context. This enquiry could illustrate different degrees of exploitation of classical texts: from systematic excerption to scattered quotations naturalized in different frameworks, from the reshaping of biographies, political and philosophical treatises to the reuse of poetical patterns in order to convey new values.

Making sense always implies a multiple perspective. The goal of this panel is to encourage the interaction between different points of view — historical, philological, literary, philosophical, scientific — in order to get a better understanding of the cultural background through which the Classics had to pass before reaching us. Call for papers - History.


We invite submission of papers dedicated to the phenomenologically determined themes of imagination, image-consciousness, appearance and the non-apparent, phenomenological ontology, and genetic phenomenology, with regard to religious experience. We further invite innovative philosophical and theological reflections on image, imagination, and creativity in religious experiencing, as well as reflections on a reverse problem of how religious experience contributes to the above mentioned faculties examined in the psychological horizon. Call for papers - Language. These certifications were introduced since by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affaires in cooperation with the Faculty of Literature of Paris for the test management and delivrance.

All these certificates facilitates access to universities in France, specially to programs in literature and human sciences. This activity contributes to international and cultural exchange. Sorbonne University is diligently endeavouring to develop the spirit of dialogue and mutual understanding and cultural sharing between European countries and the rest of the world. Website french version. The process is different, depending on whether you come as an individual, as part of an Erasmus program, as part of an international convention or as a participant in our summer school.

You can consult the tuition fees for the school year here document in French. If you are a student at Sorbonne University, free visits, given in French, are organized regularly by the school.

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For more information, please write to communication paris-sorbonne. If you are not a student at Paris-Sorbonne, you can write to visites. Please send your request to our transcript office at secretariat. Contact info : Helene. Broms paris-sorbonne. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is famous for its academic prominence in the field of the humanities. In July, the Faculty opens its doors to visitors from all over the world and offers non-degree courses as part of its international Summer University.

A certificate will be delivered to participants at the end of their stay. For more information, visit our brand new website :. For more information and for an online registration, check our brand new website! Third week : No course on July 14 th National Day. It will be replaced by a course during the week.

Liquid modernity has melted into postmodernity and, after almost two decades of the twenty-first century have passed, one may ask about the contemporary visions and conceptions of the future. Call for papers - Law. The Centre Marc Bloch and the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg organize an international conference on legal practices of laypersons to be held in Berlin from 09 to 10 May We call for papers English, German or French contributing to a structured analysis on the role of non-professionals in law which has been little studied so far.

Scholarship, prize and job offer - Ethnology, anthropology. The candidate may develop their own methodologies and interpretative schemas, while dialoguing with those employed in other parts of the project by the PI. Agrarian Modernization, a global transboundary process that generates local asymmetries.

This panel wants to analyze the technology transference during Agrarian Modernization and point its inpact at the socio-environmental level from a comparative and connected global perspective. The geopolitical context and the social reality of the different regions where it expanded were quite different, as well as the interest of local elites. Therefore, the effects of this cultural and technological package differed according to the diverse geographical, environmental, economic and social particularities where it spread. Although this process has allowed the connection between the spaces of production and consumption, it ignored local particularities.

And had and enormous social cost, as broad rural sectors have been excluded and have become urban poors. Call for papers - Thought.

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Rock-cut architecture are known since prehistoric times. These kinds of buildings, carved out from solid rock, is widespread throughout of ancient communities. They are like vertical test-pits that archaeologists can study. This Institute is also aimed at people who are interested in learning ways to utilize digital collections and implement digital tools and methods into their teaching and collaborative practices.

Conference, symposium - Geography. The actual behaviour of individuals and government entities before, during, and immediately after a disaster can dramatically affect the impact, vulnerability, recovery time and resilience. Despite decades of research on disaster risk and perception, studies on actual damages and responses after disasters, decision-making tools, and actionable knowledge of the actual behaviour of the populations are still a challenge. Uncertainty derives from lack of information, lack of trust, alternatives, previous experience, but also segregation, oppression, etc.

This conference is addressing the knowledge gap between risk perception, evacuation, response, and adaptation behaviour. Conference, symposium - Political studies.

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Max Weber famously argued that states lay claim to the monopoly of the legitimate use of violence over certain circumscribed territories. However, historical and anthropological research has challenged his ideal-typical vision by showing how the idea of the unitary state is a fiction that can only be produced through the action of interrelated but partly autonomous agents.

States, and the various institutions that constitute them, face the strategic task of identifying and domesticating the social networks that are necessary for them to secure control over particular territories and their populations.

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Local strongmen and notables can in turn use their own local influence in order to gain recognition from higher-level, more powerful, state institutions. Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology. A term seeming contradictory at first, it assumes that everything that exists is not simply present or given but has been called into being through media and their operations in the most general sense: The ruling das Walten of nature as well as the ruling of the social reside under the command of technology, which as increasingly digitized technology is based on switching operations das Schalten — e.

When embodied operations establish ontological orders and the difference between the ontic and the ontological thus re-enters the ontic, this demands a radical remodeling of ontology. Call for papers - Sociology. The conference aims to foster discussion among sociologists, sociolinguists, and other social scientists about the relations between language and society. This edition of the Language and Society.