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Then please contact me!

You may also know sponsors or partners who want to accompany us. Let me know. From than to today, there were further 25 concerts at wicked places, in beautiful gardens, on sunny places, through 3 countries, to smiling faces. While doing, the last 6 months pass through my head frequently. This trip was a lot of fun, but also an up and down of emotions.

Many things went well, some things went wrong. What all of it does with me, will show. Its just developing, probably new songs are coming out of it soon. But I need a little more space for my thoughts. Yes, as painful as the decision is to me to leave Berlin, it feels right to further wonder the world.

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Es liegen jetzt noch 25 Konzerte vor mir. Von Tourstart bis -ende sind es dann gesamt 75! Sprecht uns gerne an, vermittelt uns an eure Freunde und Familien, wo auch immer sie auf unserem Weg sein werden. Da wo ihr seid, kommen wir hin! Leider hat unser Wetterfrosch das ab Nantes Nordfrankreich nicht wirklich verstanden. Nicht nur Enno war am Staunen. Wie ihr seht, es ist ein Leichtes uns auf unserer Tour zu treffen.

Geburtstag nach Brighton eingeladen. Oh, ich liebe das.

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Seid gewarnt! Unser neues Lebensmodell. Ganz klar, oder? In Den Haag landeten wir auf diesem Dach. Ein Haus mit Mama, Papa und 9 Kindern. Und so spielten wir alle im Wechsel den ganzen Abend.

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Und dann die Nachricht. Ich wusste nicht ob ich lachen oder weinen sollte. Die Rakete startet und jemand zieht den Stecker!?! War wohl eine zu gute Medienarbeit vorab. Und mitten drin immer ich, Carmen Underwater. Zudem wurde das Konzert trotzdem an einen wundervollen kleinen privaten Ort verlegt und wir hatten alle zusammen, samt der Journalisten und Fotografen, einen ganz bezaubernden Abend. From the tour start to the end in total 75! This is only possible, due to the many friends and supporting people around us.

Its such a big fun with all of you out there! Yes and the fun goes on after already 13 countries and 16, km. But where next in ? So we love to come back into your living rooms, gardens or to your personal perfect place. Speak to us, send us to your friends and family, wherever they will be on our way. Where you are, we will come around!

Unfortunately, our weather frog has not really understood the message from Nantes Northern France on. A last sunny and lukewarm concert evening in the midst of a French organic market still remained.

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Then came the rain and stood by our side for more than a month. Our only choice was continuing to enjoy and triggering our senses. Quite entertaining where the mobile animal sculptures of Les Machines in Nantes. Not only Enno was amazed. It was also exciting for us to see how e. Well, and the absolute highlight is the 12 m high elephant with 20 people on it, running across the square and spraying water. Also such a beautiful spot on earth is Le Mont Saint Michel. Perfect for a solemn reunion with my Dresden friend Sabine and her family. We went on till late night.

As you can see, it is easy to meet us on our tour. Liz, an energetic, active English lady, had approached us in France after a concert and invited us over to her 75th birthday in Brighton. Of course we immediately accepted. It was great to dive into her private world of her family and longtime friends.

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Oh, I love that! Be warned! Stonehenge is indeed a magical place. Our new life model. Where in Glastonbury could another spontaneous concert be possible exactly to my taste? Of course in a cafe with the energy of the Temple of the Goddess next door. For sure, right? Wild nature and mystical places, great! In The Hague we landed on this roof top. A house with a mom, a dad and 9 children. All grown up with with plenty of own kids — and a piano. A musical grand family and so we all played together the whole evening. Just imagine the alarm at this house concert.

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And then the message. My concert on an organic farm in Haaren was actually forbidden by the authorities for security reasons!?! I did not know if I should laugh or cry. The rocket is starting and someone is pulling the plug!?! They were afraid of too many guests would show up!

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Was probably a super media work ahead. The good thing about this: a lot of accompanying, pre- and post-reporting on this local political discourse. And in the middle me, Carmen Underwater. In addition, the concert was nevertheless transferred to a wonderful small private place and we all had a very charming evening together with the journalist and photographer. While Haaren is still debating, Cologne is already celebrating. Grandiose 32 durfte ich schon erleben und auf weitere 33 freu ich mich jetzt schon riesig.

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Schaut gern noch mal nach:. Letzte Woche in Nordspanien am Picos de Europa musste ich mich kurz mal selbst kneifen. Heute bin ich hier aufm Berg und sehe, was ich damals nur in meiner Vorstellung hatte. Ja, tun sie! Auch wir sind mit dem Boot rausgefahren um Wale und Delfine zu sehen.