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More Mid-Autumn Festival Cards. Are there any festivals on in that time. The National Day Holiday will start from Oct.

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All the sights and shops will open at that time. But it will be especially crowded during that time. Thankyou for answering my question. Mrs m Eglinton. Dear Tony, So is it possible that some schools are open primary schools? Answered by Tony Sep. I'm going to be in Dalian on And where are the best places for shopping? Is there any sale on this festival? As for the festival ceremony, I knew there will be moon worship in some places but I'm not sure if there will be in Dalian.

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However, maybe you can ask the local people about that, like the staff in your hotel. There is a good shopping mall located in No. Lanterns are illuminated for many different Chinese holidays, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is no exception. Plenty of legends swirl around the holiday. In one historical tale, an ancient Chinese dynasty sends secret messages tucked away in mooncakes. Other fanciful stories abound, recounting the fateful actions of divine beings, charismatic animals, and journeys to the moon.

These are told during family gatherings and public events. Sacrifices and prayers made to the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival go straight to her doorstep.

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You can get in on the most action by visiting a lively urban area, or, alternatively, you can choose to soak up the cherished moonlight in a peaceful, rural town. In Beijing, you can visit the Altar of the Moon, where long-ago Chinese emperors once made sacrifices to the moon.

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  6. This site, along with the many temples and altars scattered throughout the city, offers a tranquil moon-viewing location. If you prefer a rural location, join a quiet Chinese village on their ascent to a mountaintop where they observe the moon in even greater peace. Before the festivities get started, take a look at these key words and phrases related to the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    FluentU takes real-world videos—like movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language lessons. Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Many people go to mountaintop pavilions to admire the moon.

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    To the Chinese, the Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year. Tomorrow, they will be holding a ceremony to offer sacrifices to ancestors.

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    His birthday falls on the eighth day of the eighth month of every lunar year. What I value the most is kinship between family members. Being filial to parents is an excellent tradition of the Chinese. Family gatherings, lanterns, mooncakes, moon-viewing parties, songs, poems, stories, and games are among the customs observed during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    Of course, you have to remember that China is an extraordinarily diverse country.

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    The many different ethnic groups residing there have their own, unique ways of celebrating the holiday. Explore and discover the many reasons why the Mid-Autumn Festival is so important to Chinese culture. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Chinese with real-world videos.