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I have embroidered since I was 5 years old, so I am pretty good. I love including words on a quilt — I name all of mine, do you?

The biggest project I did was embroidering the"30 days hath September" verse around the perimeter of a calendar quilt. I love embroidery. I love to watch it become something I really enjoy looking at. I would say intermediate level. It is fun and portable and everyone admires the sweet little projects.

I love embroidery, and still have more to learn. Even though I have been stitching many years and have learned a great deal, I do not consider myself an expert! I love embroidery and still have more to learn. I love the idea of the interchangeable seasons!!!!! I love embroidery; learned more than 70 years ago from my grandmother. Would love to win her new book! Thanks for offering it. It looks like fun and the projects are sweet. What could be better than embroidery and quilting?!

Embroidery adds just the right finish. I love embroidery, but still have a lot to learn and I know Gail is the right one to give instruction. I love embroidery combined with quilting!

I am not an expert, but do have some skill. The projects in this book are such fun! I just went to a 90th Birthday celebration this past Sat. Now that was impressive!!!! I also love to combine embroidery with quilting. Somewhere in the middle. Thank you, Martingale,for this lovely give-away! I am somewhat of a so-so embroiderer. I love embroidered words to inspire my family.

I know practicing would give better results. Thank you for this opportunity. I have some of her books and have used the patterns. I love them. Would love to have this new book also. I love her patterns. One color embroidery is my speed right now, but hope to attempt multiple colors soon. I love all things Gail Pan, have done many of her stitcheries and always have a stitchery project with me wherever I go.

I am just a beginner in embroidery but since I am a quilter I love the combination of embroidery and quilting. Beautiful patterns in this book, would love to own it! My level of embroidery expertise is Beginner, but I am soooooo ready to learn with Gail! After losing my Mother on Thanksgiving day it was a hurt that I cannot explain. I lived with her and took care of her for over 15 years I got back into quilting which I had to put aside for over 20 years while taking care of both parents and I gladly did because they came first.

Embroidery is New and exciting for me. I love fabric and thread like some people love clothes and shoes LOL!! I am so ready for all the stitches I will be learning! God bless. My Grandma taught me my very first lazy daisy stitches when I was five. This new book looks amazing! I love embroidery and I love learning new stitches. This new one is amazing! I love that this book combines embroidery with quilting. I see possibilities for all my scraps now. Book will inspire me! I started stitching when my cousin taught me basics at 10 years old, then did a lot more in my teens in the late 60s and early 70s.

Especially loved crewel, made a LOT of those small Jiffy kits and some original things. Probably why my favorite quilts are appliqued…more hand stitchery! I love to embroider and learned how when I was a child. I learn something new from each project that I create. The patterns from this book look like fun!

I love embroidery and am still learning. I learned embroidery as a child and went thru a phase with crewel work and counted Cross stitch, then gave it up for years. A couple of years ago I made an embroidered quilt and fell in love with it all over again. Love the combination of embroidery and quilts.

I started my first embroidered piece when I was a small child and still have it! I love embroidery, and still learning. I love embroidery but I am still learning! I like the portability of these projects.

Brother SE1900 Embroidery & Sewing Machine

The seasonal projects are beautiful! This book definitely motivates me to learn even more though! I am in the middle between beginner and expert — stil learning. It is so relaxing to sit and stitch and wish I have more time to do just that. I love your new book and would love to win it. My embroidery knowledge comes from my Grandmother … she taught me to embroider.


Oh my, how many stitches I had to re-do!! The back MUST look like the front!! She embroidered mainly pillowcases, and many she crocheted the edging! I have many of those pillowcases today still. I love it and love learning new stitches all the time. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to embroidery so I definitely want to learn how with Gail!!

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I am definitely a beginner when it comes to embroidery but I definitely want to learn how with Gail!! I love to embroider-not an expert, but I love practicing and learning! Thanks for the give-away. I have a lot to learn. I love these designs by Gail.

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It would be exciting to learn. I have embroidered for 50 plus years ever since Girl Scout days.

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I love embroidery but I am still in the learning process. Thanks for the chance to win. I love embroidery but I am still learning. Embroidery somehow makes a project feel more personal. I would so love to be better at embroidery! I would love to learn from Gail! I enjoy embroidery but still have much to learn. Embroidery is a relaxing process that ends in a project to enjoy and share. I enjoy embroidery, and I am still learning. There is such a variety of stitches and so many cute designs to work on! This looks like a fun and versatile book.