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The Plot: These two episodes, which aired as one-hour installments and why it counts as a single entry on this list , feature Jean-Claude Van Damme, Julia Roberts, Chris Isaak, and Brooke Shields in a performance so uproarious that NBC basically gave her a sitcom afterward Suddenly Susan , which aired from to Why It's So Funny: Phoebe becomes a hit with kids by singing truthful songs about death; Phoebe turns Monica and Rachel into her "bitches" as they fight about dating Van Damme; Ross goes on a day date with Marcel; and Chandler gets played by Susie Moss Roberts , his fourth grade classmate hellbent on getting revenge for a childhood humiliation.

The Plot: A newly employed Joey thanks Chandler for years of fronting rent and coffee bills with a gaudy gold bracelet it reads: Best Buds , while Monica attempts to get a new job, and Rachel draws a line in the sand when it comes to dating Ross. Why It's So Funny: This episode is overflowing with laughs, as Chandler accidentally mocks the bracelet in front of Joey "I pity the fool!

As the gang gawks at the big noses, bigger hair, and tacky dresses, we're introduced to Fat Monica and some killer one-liners are dropped before hearts melt at the episode-ending revelation.

The Plot: Ross has less than 30 minutes to get everyone dressed and out the door to attend a museum benefit. Why It's So Funny: This bottle episode all the action takes place in a single room is so inspired, even a tired trope — Rachel can't decide what to wear — feels fresh here. There are wonderful asides Why does Donald Duck wrap a towel around his waist after getting out of the shower if he doesn't wear pants? The Plot: Monica inherits a dollhouse from her dead aunt, but doesn't play well with others, causing Phoebe to build her own dream dollhouse.

Best of Friends

Chandler goes on a terrible date with Rachel's boss, but can't bring himself to dump her. Why It's So Funny: Monica's face during Phoebe's dinosaur attack on the dollhouse; Phoebe screaming "the foster puppets" when Ross reveals who made it out of her burned dollhouse; Joanna's Alison La Placa uncontrollable disdain for Sophie Laura Dean ; and Chandler's inability to end a date without saying, "We should do it again sometime. The Plot: While Phoebe is at the fertility clinic attempting to be artificially inseminated, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Rachel are squaring off in a Ross-created trivia game to see which gender knows more about the other — and the girls' apartment is at stake.

Why It's So Funny: The information revealed throughout the game Miss Chanandler Bong, sandwiches, big fat goalie is hilarious, but what makes this episode such a standout is how brilliantly LeBlanc, Perry, Aniston, and Cox deliver every excited exclamation. The Plot: After a particularly filling meal, everyone sits around reminiscing about their worst Thanksgivings. Why It's So Funny: Because we're given more hideous flashback hair mostly thanks to Chandler , a ridiculous aside about Phoebe's past life as a French battlefield nurse, and two people wear turkeys on their heads.

The Plot: Everyone tries, with varying degrees of success, to uphold their New Year's resolutions. Why It's So Funny: Phoebe pilot a jet , Joey learn to play guitar , and Monica take more photos aside, the resolutions made by Chandler stop making fun of his friends , Rachel gossip less , and Ross try something new every day provide the spine for this episode and yield the highest comedy. This back-and-forth culminates in an epic game of chicken. Why It's So Funny: From Ross' amazing apartment spazz-attack to the introduction of Hugsey, Joey's bedtime penguin pal, there's a lot to love in this episode.

But it truly belongs to the prolonged sexual showdown between Phoebe and Chandler — it starts with bicep squeezing and ends with an adorable declaration of love.

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Ross and Joey want to bail so they can go to a party with supermodels, and Rachel screws up the dessert. Why It's So Funny: While some sitcoms struggle to deliver compelling A- and B- plots, Friends was often able to successfully execute a half-dozen concurrent storylines and this episode is a prime example of the writers' ability to keep all of the plots in the air at once.

Here, Monica is keeping her relationship with Chandler a secret from her parents because they dislike him, and it turns out that their grudge is decades-old as Ross blamed Chandler for the pot smell in his room during sophomore year spring break. Meanwhile, as Rachel is making dessert, she accidentally creates half an English trifle and half a shepherd's pie, which Joey and Ross convince everyone to eat so dinner will end and they can leave. And Phoebe is harboring sexual feelings toward Jack following a naughty dream.

All of these threads culminate in a hilarious tidal wave of revelations that, to quote Judy, is "a lot of information to get in 30 seconds. The Plot: While Joey is trying to dupe his way into a science experiment for twins, Monica and Chandler have each forgotten to make the other a Valentine's Day gift, and Ross tries to test Rachel and Phoebe's self-defense skills. Why It's So Funny: Because Ross' ridiculous series-long obsession with "kara-tay" his snooty pronunciation basically gets a stand-alone episode as he squares off with Rachel and Phoebe in a series of scares designed to test their Unagi perhaps a state of total awareness, definitely a type of sushi.

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Because Chandler's ridiculous past obsession with Janice Maggie Wheeler rears its ugly head once more as he gives Monica a romantic mixtape that was actually made for him by Janice, unaware it includes nasally mid-song interjections that will eventually blow up his spot. Best Quote: Whatever words constitute Phoebe trying to "sing along" as Ross plays the bagpipes. My favourite quote from 'Best of Friends' is naturally from Jess.

Jess also felt very 'strongly' about high school itself. I gathered this when she said "high school is where dreams go to die". I admire how Jess can carry on and have a positive attitude about her life even when she is being bullied. I can also relate a little to what she was feeling, because I myself didn't very much enjoy the transition between intermediate to high school. Something new I learned from this book was a how it would feel to be older.

As a fourteen year, I do feel that I have a lot of problems in my life, but the problems that my characters have are so different and they have so much more to lose if it is not solved. To me 60 seems so old, but when I read from Lizzies perspective she doesn't feel old at all. I guess it really does establish the point that you are only as old as you feel. I really enjoyed 'Best of Friends'. I think it was a really fun, easy book to read, with beautiful, melancholy moments as well as the funny, witty moments nearly all books have.

View 2 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I must say, I give strong credit to the author for such strong use of character development. It's nice to see a novel where people actually resolve their problems and conflict in a reasonable way that's true to their character, and while each character has flaws, they know about their flaws, they understand their flaws, and they genuinely want better for themselves and the people they love.

It was nice to read something so wholesome and focused on so many aspects of family life in a way that mak I must say, I give strong credit to the author for such strong use of character development. It was nice to read something so wholesome and focused on so many aspects of family life in a way that makes you believe these families could exist somewhere, and aren't just a cliched, fake reproduction in the book for the sake of drama and plot.

Favourite characters: Erin and Sally, although I must say in the end, Abby and Lizzie grew on me immensely. Jess I found hard to deal with sometimes but was more interesting towards the end of the book. I genuinely disliked Lizzie's daughter Debra, and am so glad Lizzie's sister had the guts to put this spoilt brat in line. Shannon angered me and I felt there still could have been a little more resolution between Erin and Shannon.

The downsides: This book was so long and getting through it took about 9 days just because of the size of it.

1. Deadheads can see you at your worst and still love you.

I didn't like how it just skipped over weeks or months really quickly, then slowed right down in parts that didn't need to be so heavily concentrated. While it did need to be this long to cover the lives of all four women five including Jess I guess , it still could have benefited from a little more resolution.

While reading a book of this size, at the end I was hoping to find out what Erin's baby was and whether Abby took the chat show job in Dublin. Two little things that I would have even been satisfied knowing in a short epilogue or something.

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I mean you don't write a page book and not tell me whether the baby was a boy or girl seeing how it had been a plot device for Erin most of the way. But if that is the book's only flaw, then it isn't too bad at all. I'm glad I picked up more of Cathy Kelly's books from Lifeline, I plan on moving onto another quite soon if it's a shorter one maybe View 1 comment. Aug 29, Betsy rated it really liked it. Here's a great example of why British chick lit is usually so much better than its American counterpart.

I don't know why it is; perhaps British chick-lit writers are better at characterizations, or maybe it's just that British characters are more appealing to me. In any event, this was a wonderful, absorbing read. Jun 14, Chloe Crew rated it it was amazing. Loved it. Very good characters, I was drawn to them all. I liked how the book would switch to the next characters narrative. Full of valuable lessons and allows you to see all points of view. Highly recommend if you enjoy reading about dysfunctional families, drama but with also a heartfelt message. Another easy summer read.

A book that is good for relaxing although the author does touch on some difficult topics like breast cancer. Thi is my second book by Cathy Kelly and I am enjoying them so far. Still have one left which I got from the library. Glad that I decided to give her a try cause thse are perfect books after reading some heavier stuff. Jun 10, Ispas Teodora rated it really liked it. Interesting book : I like very much the idea of inventing a cancer charity called "Life Beats Cancer" I really like that!

And one more thing, I like that Cathy Kelly is an optimistic woman and she'd made a beautiful ending where everything was getting better and better :. Jun 27, Msdot rated it it was ok. I usually found Cathy Kelly's books were easy to read and comforting in many level. This one though was abit of a drag to read. I was impatient to turn the page and skimmed read most of it because they were all too 'good to be true' and everything was so peachy Oct 24, aaliyah Rafeeq rated it really liked it.

Great plot and as from different perspectives i found i couldnt put it down!! It is funny frustrating devastatingly sad!! But brilliant all at same time typical strong women doing their thing love it. Feb 28, Kelly Byrne rated it it was amazing.

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I loved this book, I laughed and cried and sometimes wanted to slap some sense into some characters, Lizzie's daughter for one. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to reading more Cathy Kelly books. I enjoyed this book, but I have to say Lizzie's daughter's selfishness drove me crazy!

I couldn't believe that Lizzie would let her get away with what she did, so it took away some of the enjoyment of the book. Great read. Some funny bits and some sad. Mar 21, Regina Kitto rated it really liked it. Another lovely read. Mar 15, Marley rated it it was amazing. This book was great!!